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About us

Our Company established by Nikolas Garibaldi – a self created Craft Man-who started manufacturing custom made displays in his small workshop back in 1962 in Athens/Greece.

When late 80's Achilleas and George Garibaldi, second generation of owners, joined their father's business they started seeking ways to expand their product range and market. They soon realized that Food Service Industry is a marketplace were all kind of fresh & bulk food should hygienically merchandized until they will get served by the consumer.

At that time the ideal material for this application was acrylic. "Their" material!

We enter the Food Service Industry providing the market our first product line of acrylic domes and trays for bakeries and cafeterias with great success.

The next step was the Hospitality Industry.

We designed our first line of Buffet Ware including an unknown -until that time- device used to serve cereals directly from the container to the bowl without using spoons.

Garibaldi, at early 90,s, first worldwide, developed what we call today "Cereal Dispenser"

The Cereal Dispenser nowadays has become a must for every buffet and used by thousands of food service operators round the globe.

The last 2 decades a lot have changed and Garibaldi became a well known manufacturer of contemporary Food Display Solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca. and Retail Industry using a great range of plastic materials and stainless steel in different finishes. More than 95% of our food display range is produced in our factory located close to Athens / Greece using food grade and certified materials of the highest quality.

We manage to earn the reputation over the years and we became one of the market leaders providing complete product lines for the hospitality & food service, bakery & confectionery, food retailers & shopping malls.

But not only. We are also well known for the Custom Made Projects we have complete.

Our customer's data base includes more than 500 active distributors worldwide as well as hotel chains, super markets and food industries.

Our continually cost saving search is passed to our customers providing them products of an excellent price-quality ratio that you can find only at GARIBALDI.

The upcoming years may be quite different for our market but we keep our commitment to our mission. To continuously hear our customer's needs, to develop and provide them stylish commercial equipment that will show off their products and increase their profit.

This is what we, at Garibaldi, mean "work for customer's satisfaction"